Weddings are most important event in anyone life. Every wedding has its own unique and distinct flavor. Once the couple and family start to plan for wedding, they have to take care of all the arrangements such as hotel / hall, catering, decorations, gifts, guests, etc. One of the planning procedure includes photography and cinematography, where we come into picture.

Our wedding packages are fully customized as per your requirement depending on number of days. We have a very detailed discussion with you to finalize the schedule of events so that we can plan our shoot accordingly. It could be a 1, 1.5 or even a 2 day wedding also.

We offer the following services in our wedding package:

  • We are a 2 person team, a photographer and cinematographer. We cover the entire event in photojournalistic and documentary style.
  • We cover all the parts of the wedding. This includes getting ready, welcome at the hall / hotel, all rituals till vidai.
  • We do candid as we all traditional photography and video shooting and entire cost is included in the package.
  • We do candid as we all traditional photography and video shooting and entire cost is included in the package.
  • We give selected images and video footage which are chosen by us as we know which of these stuffs would be good. Our images and videos are edited and color corrected.
  • Wedding photography packages include typically 300 – 400 images for 1 day wedding and 400 – 500 images for a 2 day wedding.
  • We also cover all the decorations, venue highlights, guests’ candid moments, reception, etc.
  • Our wedding films come only in Full HD 1080p quality. This also includes complimentary Cinematic Highlights of 5 – 7 mins of the wedding. The songs and the music has to be selected by you.
  • For albums, the photo selection is with you and we include only those photos which are chosen. The albums are designed by us and your approval is taken before they are given for printing.
  • Our albums are designed and printed in very high quality non tearable paper imported from Italy. We don’t offer Karizma albums but Photobooks. The specialty of our photobooks is that, it comes with an online link to view the printed album digitally. It can even be shared with your family and friends and the link stays with you for a lifetime.
  • Our wedding package comes with an all – inclusive cost of candid & traditional photos, cinematography in full HD and a 40 sheet wedding album.